Hello, World!
This is Vipul Chaskar.
I'm a Computer Science graduate student at Binghamton University.
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About Me

Software Engineer. CS Grad student. Blogger. Traveller. Foodie.

Hey there! My name is Vipul. I'm a Computer Science student at Binghamton University. My interests lie in back-end, distributed systems, networking and machine learning. I mostly work in Python and Java. I'm passionate about software design, architecture and good coding practices. I'm currently looking for full-time opportunities starting May 2019.

I am a programmer who doesn't need coffee! :) Whenever not programming, I'm found hanging out on Quora, learning piano, trying to set a workout routine or reasoning about social behavior of other human species. I like adventures and travelling and solving Puzzles and Brainteasers. Big Game of Thrones fan. Also, I am notoriously punctual and reliable.

Work Experience

Veritas Technologies LLC

Associate Software Engineer (Jun 2015 - Jun 2017)

  • Worked as a developer in agile scrum environment on Veritas Velocity - a Copy Data Management solution which performs automatic backup/ingests of Oracle/SQL databases and provides access to their virtual copies through a self-service cloud portal.
  • Developed distributed software components in microservice architecture which communicate via REST, interprocess communication, share storage with NFS/CIFS and are controlled by web console in cloud.
  • Work included development of components and SDKs in Python, C++, Shell, Java webservices, NoSQL on RHEL6 platform and testing with an end-to-end Jenkins CI/CD pipeline with robot framework.
  • Received Veritas applause awards twice for exceptional perseverance.
  • Technologies used : Python, Shell, Java (spring framework), Robot framework, Gradle, MongoDB, C++, AngularJS.

A10 Networks, Inc

Software Engineering Intern (May 2018 - Aug 2018)

  • Developed a test recorder tool for Config Management module to automatically record and replay the manual tests.
  • It automatically records the config commands sent to CM module, along with backend output from CM. Then it generates test case scripts which replay the commands on CM module and verifies generated backend output.
  • Added features in testing frameworks PyRestTest and Tavern for internal use through docker containers.
  • Technologies used : Python, C, PyRestTest, Docker


  • 2017 - 2019

    Binghamton University, New York

    I am currently pursuing M.S. in Computer Science here. I expect to graduate in May 2019. GPA: 4.0

  • 2011 - 2015

    Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune, India

    I started undergrad here in Fall 2011 and graduated in Spring 2015 with B.E. in Information Technology. GPA: 3.64


Academic and side projects

nMASE: A Search Engine for Network Trace

C, Python and Django framework

Processor Pipeline Simulator


Distributed, Fault-tolerant, HA Key-Value Store


Equation Solver as a Service

Java, Python, Haskell

Distributed banking application - Global snapshot


Company Finance Management System

VB.NET, Oracle database

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